We can adapt your Car, SUV, Minivan, Pickup Truck, Sports Car or full size vehicle to match your needs. We even modify recreational vehicles such as side by sides, RV's and more. 

At Access In Motion we realize that everyone situation is different and everyone prefers different things in life. No matter the situation we will do everything possible to get you into the vehicle you want to be in. We don't stop at the box when it comes to what you want. If it is possible we will find a way to make it happen. If it is possible we will get you into the vehicle you want to be in.

Seating Aids

There are many different seating aids that we have access to. We are able to find which seating aid will work best for you with the vehicle of your choice. We are able to install these seating aids into many types of vehicles, not only mini vans.

Hand Controls

We are able to get you into the driver seat and find the right combination of driving aids for you to become or be as independent as possible. We are able to modify all kinds of vehicles to give you the ability to drive the vehicle of your choice.

Spinner Knobs

There are very many different styles of spinner knobs that work differently for everyone. There are so many options that allow easier operation of all your controls if you need it right from the spinner knob. We have access to get you the style that will work best for you.

Left Foot Accelerators

Left foot accelerators are an easy modification that can be done to a vehicle that will make everything possible again. for people who have issues using their right leg or those who have had an amputation we can solve the issue of not being able to operate your original accelerator pedal.

Unoccupied Wheelchair Lifts

We recognize that you need to be able to bring your scooter or wheelchair with you in your vehicle. We are able to install many different wheelchair and scooter lifts into your vehicle with little modification. we will work with you to figure out which lift works best for your situation and what will make you most comfortable. 

Occupied Wheelchair Lifts

Sometimes a ramp isn't an option. We work with a few different manufactures so that we are able to provide the best lift option to suit your needs. we are able to install lifts to get you and your wheelchair into your vehicle or trailer with easy operation.

Full Size Van Conversions

Sometimes minivans just don't just cut it. Access In Motion is able to install a variety of lifts to make sure you are able to get into the vehicle you want. We are also able to modify your vehicle to give you more head room inside and a larger door opening to allow easy access. We are able to make it so you can use the vehicle you are comfortable in. 

Accessible Minivans

Mini Van Conversions Access In Motion has access to all kinds of wheelchair van conversions. We can provide brand new vans that have already been converted or in some cases we can even have your current van converted. We can get rear entry and side entry conversions as well as full size van conversions.

Recreational Vehicles

Everyone wants to get out and have some fun. We are able to modify many different recreational vehicles to allow everyone to do what they love. If your thing is off roading in your side by side, getting out in the snow with your ski-doo, or just relaxing at a camp ground with your RV, then we are able to convert it to match your needs.